Sensitivity variations of Listeria strains to the bacteriocins, lactocin 705, enterocin CRL35 and nisin


Five strains of Listeria monocytogenes, four strains of Listeria innocua and a strain of Listeria seeligeri showed different sensitivities to lactocin 705 (17 000 AU ml−1), enterocin CRL35 (8500 AU ml−1) and nisin (2500 IU ml−1) at different pHs (5, 6 and 7). The susceptibility of Listeria strains to bacteriocins at each pH was strain dependent, and it was enhanced at the low pH. L. monocytogenes had enhanced nisin tolerance while the non-nisin bacteriocins were more inhibitory with viability losses of 3–3.4 in contrast with 1.5–1.8 log cycles, respectively. Lower viability loss values were obtained with L. innocua strains with all three bacteriocins while L. seeligeri was more sensitive to nisin than to lactocin 705 or enterocin CRL35.


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