Adequacy of Garrison feeding for Special Forces soldiers during training.


This study evaluated whether Special Forces (SF) soldiers training in garrison would meet nutrient intake recommendations using the available garrison dining facility. Dietary intakes were obtained by a visual estimation method and self-reported food records from 32 SF and 13 support soldiers for 9 days. Total energy expenditure (TEE) was measured in nine soldiers from each group using doubly labeled water. Mean (+/- SD) total energy expenditure of SF (4,099 +/- 740 kcal/day) was higher than support soldiers (3,361 +/- 939 kcal/day, p < 0.01). Energy intake did not differ between groups. Median energy intake for all soldiers was 3,204 kcal/day. The nutrient intake goals of SF soldiers were not fully met by eating in the dining facility. Extending meal times and providing additional meals or "take out" foods may allow energy needs of SF soldiers (approximately 4,200 kcal/day) to be met, while reducing the reliance on potentially less nutritious outside foods.


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